Lincoln Team Songs and Analysis Worksheet

 "Then Put Away the Wedges and the Maul"

Song performed by: Joseph Trahey, Leslie Beukelman (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

AIR -- "Uncle Ned."

THERE was an old hero, and they called him honest Abe,
And he lived out West, out West;
Work was his pleasure ever since he was a babe,
But now he's going to have a little rest.

Cho. -- Then put away the wedges and the maul
Then get things ready for the Fall;
For we're bound to put him through,
Just to show what we can do,
And bring about a change -- that's all.

His fingers ain't so long as the one's in office now,
And he has two good eyes in his head;
A full set of brains, and an honest, manly brow.
Which things, of many others, can't be said.
Cho. -- Then put away, &c.

He is the man for the West, and the man for the East,
And the man for the middle portion, too;
He won't have our expenses increased,
So vote for the man who's honest and true.
Cho. -- Then put away, &c.

"Roll on the Republican Ball"

Songs performed by: Valerie Gordon, Michael Pokorny, Spencer Savoie, and Mark Travis.

AIR--"Rosin the Bow."

1. COME all ye true friends of the Nation,
Attend to humanity's call,
Come join in your country's salvation,
And roll the Republican ball.

Cho.--Roll on the Republican ball,
Roll on the Republican ball,
We'll labor from now until fall.

2. "Old Abe," he is honest and truthful,
A live "representative man;"
He's neither too old nor too youthful,
So Democrats beat if you can.--Chorus.

3. He's fresh from the ranks of the people,
He's manly, he's tall, and he's straight;
In height somewhat less than a steeple,
And firm as a rock in his gait.--Chorus.

4. As a man of the People, no woner
His name is a beacon of light,
For the UNION he never will sunder,
But its stars he will keep polished bright.

5. We surely will beat in November,
We'll distance them all in the race,
For the people have spoken--remember,

"Hurrah for Abraham Lincoln"

Words by W. P. D. Music by permission of O. DITSON.

1. The time has come for freedom's son's
To gird their armor on,
There is a battle to be won,
For honest Abe Lincoln,
Theu, let us each, at call of roll,
The contest warm begin,
And do our duty at the Polls, 
For Lincoln and Hamlin.

Three cheers for Abraham Lincoln
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah,
Three more for good old Hamlin,
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.

2. Old Abe is honest kind and true,
And is the people's choice,
And we are bound to put him through
And make the land rejoice.
The name of Abe made Locos shake,
O how their teeth did chatter,
From head to foot their bodies quake,
And then they split and scatter.

Chorus, Then cheer, &c.

3. The Democrats have played their game
At bribes and being witty,
But we have made them very tame
Through Covode's great Committee.
They'll breathe their last, their dying breath
The sixth of next November;
Their solemn fate and awful death,
Let others well remember.

Chorus, Then cheer, &c.

4. The fourth of March will ever be
Our second Natal day,
We then renew our liberty,
And cheer its golden ray.
Old Abe will take the chair of state
With Hamlin by his side
Then will the Union, truly great,
In safety e'er abide.

Chorus, Then cheer, &c.

Song Analysis Worksheet

If your song can be played, listen to your song first. Then read through the lyrics several times, and begin filling out this sheet. Remember — you shouldn't just focus on what the song says about the candidate. What does it say about the opposing candidate or party? What does the song imply about the person who votes for Harrison, Taylor or Lincoln? If no examples exist, just write "none" in the space provided and move on.

Class Appeal: Do the lyrics appeal to a particular class (farmers, bankers, aristocracy, etc)? Provide specific evidence and examples. 

Intellectual Appeal: Would this song appeal to a person concerned with certain political, social, or economic issues? If so, what issues are mentioned? Provide specific evidence and examples. 

Moral Appeal: Would this song appeal to a person concerned with particular moral issues, or would expect a candidate to possess certain virtues? What issues and virtues are they? Provide specific evidence and examples. 

Military Involvement: Does the song refer to any battles or the candidate's military service? How are these portrayed? Provide specific evidence and examples. 

Appearance: Do the lyrics discuss physical appearance or overall image? Provide specific evidence and examples. 

Focus: Overall, what is the focus of this song? What point or points is it trying to get across? What image is being painted of the Harrison, Taylor, or Lincoln? What image does the song paint about the opposing party and candidate? What does the song say about you, the voter, if you chose this candidate?