563. Charles Friend to William H. Herndon.

Sonora Ky 31 July 1889

While living in Hodgenville there came a man from Ill. who sayed that it was reported in that state that Abe Enlows was Abe Linco father. I heared the question put to "Old uncle" Abe Enlows by My Brother-Law Mr A. H. Redman ther was another gentleman present — Dr W. H. Holt — Redman asked if it was true that he Abe Enlows was Abe's Father — the old man drew himself up to his full heigtht some 6 feet 3 in and stroked his long white beard and remarked that it was an honor to be proud of to even be thought to be father of a President and one that had risen by his own Merits to hold the proud position of President these United States. But said he I was only 15 years old when Abe was born — then sayed Redman you could not have been, being at that time only 14 years old when he was begotten. Now said Uncle Abe not too fast Al for I passed into puberty at 14 years and could have been his father at that age as easily as at any time from that until the present moment. Now to set that matter forever at rest I will say I never put my hand on her naked flesh or any part of her body save her hands, and never in life had Carnal intercourse with her. And further I believe that he was the son of Thomas Lincoln. I think all this grew out of his name being Abe the same of Mine, but I can account for that name; his grand Father was named Abraham Lincoln. the grandfather was killed by the Indians on Salt River not far from where now stands Shepherdsvile at an old salt works. I will farther say that if he is not Thomas Lincolns son he was the son of Charles Friend this boys grand father — pointing at your Corespondent or William Cessna or George Brownfield his long


bony body seems to point to the Brownfields more strongly as they were all long bony people oftan over 6 ˝ feet in highth. The reason I think that he might be a son of Charles Friend is that Nancy Hanks Abes mother's first child Dennis F was by Charles Friend, but his shape does not point to that family as they was a short thick heavy set People and the Cessnas are of the same shape being closely related to the Friends.

You ask me a question was he Thomas Lincoln Castrated. I heard a Cousin of my fathers Judge Jonathan Friend Cessna say that his father Wm Cessna say that Thomas Lincoln could not have been Abes Father for one of Thomas' testacles was not larger than a pea or perhaps both of them wer no larger than peas, and "uncle Billie" Cessna sayed he believed that Abe was my uncle and based this reason the fact that Nancy Hanks first child Denis was Chas Friends boy. Be that as it may let it go. Now whose son was Denis Friend Hanks. There never was but one Hanks family in this County (Hardin) and they was all sisters Mary or "Pollie" who married Thomas Sparrow Elizabeth or "Betsey" who Jesse Friend Nancy who Married Thomas Lincoln. Whe Charles Friend married my Grad Mother Sallie Huss he told he that he had a son by Nancy Hanks and she told him to get the boy word So and Dennis stayed with his father until Sparrow and the other families left her for Ind and Ill. Uncle Dennis aske grand father if he might go with him and Tom Spery and the old people gave him their consent. My Grand Mother told me the facts

Chas Friend

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3567



1. Marginal note in WHH's hand: Old Abraham Lincoln, the Presidents grand father was killed on Salt Creek near [illegible] Shepherdsville Ky.